iKydz Internet Controller

iKydz Internet Controller
iKydz Internet ControlleriKydz Internet ControlleriKydz Internet Controller
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iKydz Internet Controller

The iKydz Internet Controller is a great, simple, plug and play device that connects to your internet router to control what your children can look at online, when they can use the internet and for how long, along with a host of other great features.  If you have children and the internet, you need this iKydz.


  • Easy to set up
  • Simplistic app, website control
  • Stop internet access to one or all devices
  • Block inappropriate content
  • Restrict access to apps or website, including social media
  • Control time spent online with automatic schedules
  • Protect and monitor your familys internet usage

With iKydz Internet Controller, you can give as much or as little internet access to individual devices within your home.  For example, your laptop/mobile phone could have full internet access, your youngest child could have access to only known safe sites and no social media websites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.  If you have older children, they could have access to Facebook, Twitter but not Snapchat, etc.

iKydz can also be programmed simply to allow internet access at specific times of the day.  For example, internet access could be turned off for the children after 10pm until the following morning.  Schedules can be set so this happens automatically.  Individual devices can have their own permissions and schedules.

Inappropriate websites can be blocked 100% of the time, while still allowing the access you have chosen for your children.

iKydz Internet Controller blocks and updates inappropriate websites 24/7 and continues to add websites to it's very own blocked list automatically.

Never again will you have to worry that your children are accessing content in their bedroom that you haven't approved.

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