SP Remote Pole Review



It’s been a crazy week so far, with the arrival of the new GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition, but that’s not the only thing to arrive at HQ this week.

We took delivery of the all new SP Remote 39″ Telescopic Handgrip pole this week too.















So why are we so excited about this telescopic pole? This neat little device also allows you to clip your WiFi remote into the handle too, allowing you to easily swap between video and photo modes. We’ve been waiting for this for  long time.


They arrived on Monday, and straight out the packet they feel sturdy, the quality is there. The grips comfy, and the telescopic poles slides up and down freely with no issues at all. It also comes with a wrist strap and caribiner for extra security.















The tether point at the bottom of the grip is a funky blue colour, and feels sturdy enough for the heaviest of wipeouts. One thing we keep mentioning is the build quality, it really feels good, but  the downside (if you can call it that) is it is  heavier than your standard grip, to be expected though, this is the first pole we’ve seen that incorporates the wifi remote.

The neat little pocket for clipping the WiFi in is straight forward too, although you want to make sure its attached properly if you don’t want to loose your remote. We had it all up and running in  a matter of seconds.
















The fact you can use this and swap between modes with one hand, is super exciting, allowing you to quickly jump between photo burst mode and video, it’s a really handy bit of kit.

We spoke to SP about using this in the water, I know a lot of people will be wanting to use this in the sea to get that gnarly barrel sunset shot, they said its fine, but to make sure its all washed with clean fresh water at the end of every session.

Overall we are super excited about this nifty bit of kit. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and its everything we were expecting. It is bulkier and heavier than your standard grip, so although it might not replace your current pole, it is a nice addition to your collection. It’s also available in 23″ as well this 39″ model we tested.















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