GoPro Recommended Memory Cards

Are  you unsure about which GoPro Memory Cards you now need to use in your GoPro Hero Camera?

Is your GoPro freezing or stopping recording randomly?  Here’s a little background information on what’s changed recently.

Back in late July 2013, GoPro released a new firmware update to address problems with freezing and recordings stopping randomly on GoPro Hero 3 Cameras, as well as other issues.

For a long time GoPro recommended SanDisk Memory Cards, which in hindsight, may have caused most of the issues associated with problematic GoPros’.

Since the firmware update, GoPro has ditched the recommended SanDisk Memory Cards and has issued new guidance on which cards suit the GoPro Hero 3 Cameras.

In addition to that, tests have revealed that if you DON’T use one of the GoPro recommended memory cards, write speeds are throttled back from 45Mb/s to 35Mb/s, which in a nutshell means the quality of the recorded video suffers.

GoPro Recommended Memory Cards

Here is the latest list from GoPros website:-

Now, since the list was published, there has been a change to one of the memory cards above, namely, the Lexar 64GB SDXC 300x (LSDMI64GBBNL300R).  This card, although recommended by GoPro, has since been discontinued by Lexar, although you may still find some retailers have this in stock, it will soon become unavailable to buy in its current form.

The reason for this is Lexar has released a newer, faster version and called it, Lexar 64GB SDXC 600x (LSDMI64GBBEU600R) .  Now, at the time of writing, this card is available to buy BUT not on the GoPro Recommended Memory Cards List.

So, if you want a 64GB GoPro Recommended Memory Card, you have the choice of either Delkin Devices or Samsung.  If you are outisde of the US, you will also struggle to find the part number MB-MGCGB/AM.  In Europe, it’s part number is MB-MGCGB/EU which makes sense, but it just makes searching that little bit harder.

At some point I’m sure GoPro will test the new Lexar 64GB card and we’ll keep you posted as and when that happens.

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